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Explorer++ is a free multi-tab file manager for the Windows® operating system, released as open source under the GNU GPLv3 license. Windows® Explorer provides basic functionality - the ability to navigate throughout your computer, and perform basic tasks - but Explorer++ goes further, introducing several enhancements and improvements for a much richer file browsing experience. Aside from basic navigation, Explorer++ has:

  • a two paned interface, like Windows® Explorer, but with multiple tabs in the fileS pane. You can have many locations open at once and quickly change from tab to tab.
  • a Drives toolbar, showing all available volumes - disk drives - (including network and USB drives). Jump to a drive with a single mouse click.
  • a Bookmarks menu (similar to Windows® Explorer favorites, but with more functionality), and a Bookmarks toolbar an Application toolbar where you can create shortcuts to your favorite applications
  • Show Command Prompt built into Explorer++
  • attribute control (set, clear) for multiple files
  • various methods of file display, including multiple groupings
  • quickly split a large file into pieces, for email or other purposes, and quickly merge pieces back into the original file
  • a destroy files function which deletes files, then wipes their former disk space clean. This provides secure erasing of files.
  • a built-in file search function which allows searching by name or attributes
  • customized file display colors, by name or attributes
  • ability to run in portable mode, storing all configuration in an XML file
  • highly configurable, for user preference
  • full drag-and-drop support with other applications, including Windows® Explorer
  • much more...!


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