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The 7-Zip File Manager is a program for manipulating files and folders.

The 7-Zip File Manager can work with two panels. You can switch between panels by pressing the Tab button. Most of the operations can be executed using keyboard shortcuts or by right-clicking on items and selecting the appropriate command from menu.

7-Zip creates ZIP compatible archives. 7-Zip supports the following ZIP compression methods:

0 - Store
8 - Deflate
9 - Deflate64
12 - BZip2
14 - LZMA
98 - PPMd
1 - Shrink (decompression only)
6 - Implode (decompression only)

Files compressed with other ZIP compression methods can't be extracted by the current version of the 7-Zip. But these supported methods are the most popular today, and therefore 7-Zip can decompress most ZIP archives. To extract files compressed with non-supported methods you must use some other ZIP utility.

7-Zip supports the Zip64 extension of ZIP format.

The current version of 7-Zip doesn't support Zip multivolume archives.

Main supported format are: 7z, ZIP, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR and WIM.


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