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Manage your files/folders fast and effectively

  • Dual Pane
    You can see two folders side by side. And it makes you to do compare, navigate and copy/move operations fast and effectively.
  • Multi-Tab
    Besides dual pane, you can use tabs on each pane. Use Ctrl+Tab to navigate through tabs opened.
  • FTP
    NexusFile supports simple FTP functions. So you don't need to launch another FTP client for a little FTP operations.
  • Archive
    NexusFile supports ZIP, RAR, ARJ, ACE, ALZ extraction and ZIP compression without any external programs. 7z, iso and other formats will be supported soon.
  • Colors
    You can customize colors by file types. This helps distinguishing files at glance.
  • Advanced Rename
    Insert, Delete, Find/Replace, Numbering and more can be done with Advanced Rename. Also you can combine these actions and save so you can use it later.
  • Work Folder
    If you set a folder as an work folder. you can go to that folder with shortcut key right away. Also copy/move/extract files/folders to an work folder with only two step keyboard shortcut. (ex: Alt+C -> 1(Work Folder Number)
  • Shortcut Keys
    Almost all functions have their shortcut key. So you can manage files very fast without moving your hand to the mouse. You can customize these shortcut keys.
  • Folder Tree
    NexusFile supports old NCD style folder tree(F10).
  • Skin
    Default skin is black. But if you don't like it, you can change skin by selecting menu [View > Skin].
  • Portable
    NexusFile doesn't use registry or any system folders. Download zip version if you want to carry NexusFile in your USB.


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