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Multi Commander has a lot of file manager features. This list It is not even close to complete. There are so many features and tweaks in Multi Commander that not everything can be listed here.


  • Dual Panel
  • Tabs
  • Commander styled keyboard/mouse setup
  • Windows Explorer styled keyboard/mouse setup
  • Customizable colors
  • Customizable keyboard
  • Customizable mouse
  • Clickable crumbbar
  • Commandline field for quick commands
  • Quick launch bar
  • Alias
  • Button panel
  • Log window

File System Browser

  • Fast Selection/Deselection of multiple files using filters
  • Set view filter to minimize files that should be shown.
  • Go to next/previous sibling folder with ctrl+pgup/pgdn
  • Load/Save current selection to memory or file
  • Restore previous copy/move selection with num+/
  • Compare panel and select Duplicates, Missing, Newest
  • Hotpath to fast go to user defined paths
  • Back/Forward to go to location in previously visited
  • History button to show the latest location you been at for fast access
  • Command line command to fast go to path
  • Edit path field to change path
  • Disconnect usb/remote device from inside Multi Commander
  • Quick search window to do inplace search for file/folders
  • Show files and folder in detailed or list or thumbnail list mode

File System

  • Browse local harddrives
  • Browse network servers/shares
  • Plug-ins expands the filesystem.
  • FTP (with SSL/TLS Support)
  • Browse the Registry as a filesystem
  • Browse archives (Zip, 7-Zip, Rar, Tar, gz, bz2 )
  • Show file properties as columns


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