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(Version 2.23.32 – Date: 15/09/2014 –

This software shows detailed informations on all users in a Windows NT domain or local SAM (Security accounts Manager), these informations are saved in a database that is used from the program to manage all user accounts. Information can be gathered for "Administrators", "Users" and "Guests" NT groups. The level of information includes such things as "ProfilePath", "LogonScript", "HomeDirectory", allowed "LogonHours" and many others.

The program can be used from any computer of your intranet by an user account with administrative privileges on domain, or from a computer out of the intranet, if the user has the same username and password of one administrator user of the PDC (Primary Domain Controller). The program is in Portable format therefore does not require any setup, but the mere presence of the VB6 run-time, usually already present in the system (MSVBVM60.DLL).

Download: 527 KB

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