Music Screen Saver

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(Version 1.4.12 - Date: 23/06/2014)

Screen saver with playback of music files, according to a customizable play-list (supported formats are MP3, MIDI and WAVE). The screen saver displays a moving window simulating the old media player for Windows. The configuration can also be done by pressing F1 while playing. Since version 1.1 there is a mode of listening the music with a dummy screen saver ("Usable Screen"). Since version 1.3 the sound reproduction takes place continuously scrolling all the songs in the play-list. In order to view the screen saver named "Music" in the corresponding section of the Control Panel of Windows, you may copy the extracted SCR program file in the "C:\Windows\SysWOW64" folder, or "C:\Windows\System32" for 32 bit Windows.

Download: 37 KB

Program screenshot
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