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  • System Backup: Easy system drive backup of all contents, including Windows operating system and system settings without interrupting your work.
  • File Backup: Securely back up individual files and folders, such as office files, photos, videos, documents, games and programs. Also support backing up multiple files on network or NAS.
  • Disk Backup: Backup your hard disk drives, including internal disk, external disk, USB flash drive and other storage devices that can be recognized by Windows.
  • Partition/Volume Backup: If you just want to backup one or more specified partitions or dynamic volumes, not entire hard disk, this free backup software allows you to back up partitions or volumes to a compressed image file.
  • Automatic/Schedule Backup: Set up a schedule to automatically backup your system and data, especially for users who want to create backups at a lesser frequency or have multiple backup schedules (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Incremental & Differential Backup: Based on a full backup, the software enables only backup changed or new data with incremental and differential backup in order to save time and disk space for you.
  • File Sync: Synchronize files and folders automatically with a schedule to local disks, external hard drives, removable USB flash drives, NAS or network shared folders.


  • System Restore: Easily and quickly restore system partition and ensure system bootable after restoration.
  • File Restore: Rapidly recover files and folders that are lost, deleted or corrupted, or restore to an earlier time from backup images.
  • Disk/Partition Restore: Completely recover the entire hard disk drive, partition or dynamic volume to the point you ever backup.
  • Dissimilar Hardware Restore: Restore a backup image created on one computer to another/new computer with dissimilar hardware, or migrate system from physical to virtual (P2V) machine.
  • Selective Files Restore: Selectively restore individual files and folders from a backup image file without recovering the entire backup.


  • System Clone: Migrate operating system (OS) and all applications in system drive to the faster SSD or a larger hard disk drive without re-installing Windows.
  • Disk Clone: Directly copy a hard drive to another without creating an image file. The free program allows resizing partitions during the cloning process. Besides, it supports to copy large hard disk drive to small solid state drive (HDD to SSD).


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